Osias' Page

Hey. There's an MP3 player at the top of this page. Use it if you want. Or not...I'm not your dad. (WARNING: Chrome Adblockers break it, and it won't work on mobile.)

My name is Osias. I'm an adult male, he/him pronouns please.

I've been around for...about eight years? Hard to say.

I don't really have too much to say about myself to people who don't know me. I really do like to talk to people, but most people scare me, so I don't really go out of my way to chat much with strangers.

I like music. It's one of the few things I actively enjoy seeking out. I'm a good singer, and I can play guitar. I likely won't sing or play for you - feel free to ask though. Boosts my ego a little bit. ;)

I also watch YouTube sometimes. Folding Ideas is my favorite channel.

I'm not especially spiritual, but I do enjoy messing around with the supernatural and the metaphysical. In short, it means I don't really believe in magic, but I heavily enjoy playing with my tarot deck.

I'm actually pretty okay with being talked to individually, unlike a lot of other people in here. If you have a message you want to relay to me, go ahead and ask whoever is in front. I'll respond to you when I come back around.

Thanks for looking at my page. You have a good rest of your day. Say hi if you see me somewhere. :)

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