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Psst! There's an MP3 player at the top of my page! Press the sun and check it out! (WARNING: Chrome Adblockers seem to break it - Firefox is better anyways. Also, it won't show up on mobile. :P )

Yo! I'm Michael, He/She pronouns please. I'm probably the guy you talk to most often!

I am a pretty media-centered person, I think. I spend a lot of my time playing the games I like, or watching the shows I like, or getting into fan-created content of pre-existing fictional universes that I like...you know, the works! Despite this, I'm pretty damn shy in fandom spaces, and I rarely make fanart, though that may change in the future with my improving art skills!

I'm kind of the main 'artist' in our system. Others here draw, of course, but I'm the only one who really sticks with large artistic projects. I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, and I'm really into medieval fantasy! I read a lot of Brandon Sanderson, with my current favorite of his books being Elantris. I'm working on Warbreaker very slowly - wish me luck!

I really like chill, beat-centered music. Hip-hop, trance, indie pop, indie rock...if you can space out to it, I love it! I'm an avid daydreamer, and you'll probably catch my head in the clouds more often than not. I'm also really good at Beat Saber - I held 16th place in a worldwide leaderboard for a few months! That's my highest claim to fame, though, so don't get your hopes up too much, haha.

I'm in the 'front' most often out of all of us, which does not mean I am the 'original' or the sole 'host' by any means. I am a host in every 'traditional' sense, though I'm certainly not the only one! If you want to get to know our other host, you can check out his page here!

I have a huge...like...huge interest in Creepypasta, if you're interested in talking about it...

I like to chat a lot! Don't be afraid to say hi, even if it's just to infodump or ramble about something you're interested in. I'm all ears, all the time.

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