Hi! I'm Mack! We're Tetractys!

A photo of our most active headmates. Back to front, left to right: Dave, Michael, Taka's right hand, Toby, Jack, and Nina.

Welcome to my page!

Introducing this concept will be hard for those of you who don't know much about my disorder - I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), I've had it since I was three, and this is my page where I get to talk about that, as well as myself!

Tetractys is our plural collective with a constantly fluctuating amount of members. It's uncertain how many of us exist at any point, but our numbers pretty consistently hang around 15 active members at any given time.

Collectively, for the colloquial ease of those around us, we go by Mack, Mike, Tetractys, Tetractsys, Tetrasys, Tetra, or any names we have told you are okay.

Despite using we/us pronouns to refer to ourselves occasionally, we do not want anyone referring to us using plural language unless we are currently discussing our own plurality, or I have given you the go-ahead. It makes us feel weird.

We identify, in some capacity, as median. What this means for us is complicated, but generally, we do not mind being referred to as one person, nor do we mind being referred to as multiple people. Both are correct in their own ways.

Some of us have differing pronouns, and if any of us ask, we would love for those to be respected on an individual basis. Otherwise, he/him/his & she/her/hers will always be okay as sort of 'go-to' sets of pronouns. No they/them/theirs, please, unless you are using those pronouns in a plural context, or those are someone's specific pronouns.

I made this website as a shortform, accessible way of expressing ourselves authentically and consistently. Oftentimes, with our plurality and our dissociation, it is difficult to remember what we have told others, and what others need to know about us. This website allows us to establish much-needed boundaries, give useful information, and share some fun facts about us without repeating ourselves or confusing others unnecessarily. Plus, I find this outlet of self-expression to be particularly fun, and I have a lot to say!

This website was formatted and templated by Owl, who put in a lot of work for this page to look great. Go check out their site, and say hi for me while you're there! Thank you, friend!

Basic information aside, let me tell you what's on our website!

Right now, you are located in our Home page, which contains information you'd be better off knowing about us at first glance.

Our About page contains more in-depth information about us, our views, and our identities. You'll also find general information and introductions for some of our specific members. Some of us have our own pages; check them out, if you'd like!

After reading all of that, you might have some more specific questions about what we think of certain things, how we function, and what we've experienced. You'll find more information about those topics in our FAQ! If you're really confused about why you have been sent this website, have questions about what the HELL we're talking about when we say 'plural' or 'collective', or are generally confused about the information I've presented here, this is where you will want to start.

Projects doesn't have much quite yet - it will soon! Currently, we plan on putting any creative writing projects, as well as any articles we write or contribute to, here!

And finally, Links is where I will dump any useful resources relating to plurality, mental health, or anything other topics that strike my interest! You will also find links to where you can find me on various social media websites, as well as credits for any premade art or assets I happen to use here.

Thanks again for visiting! We hope you'll stay and poke around!

- Michael & Tetractys